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Why responsive and respectful relationships are important?

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Why responsive and respectful relationships are important?

Positive and responsive one-on-one interactions and relationships are essential for children in promoting their current wellbeing, their future development, ability to thrive, and provide a secure base for exploration.

Hereof, what are responsive relationships?

The dictionary defines responsiveness as acting quickly and positively. We often speak of responsive relationships in early childhood education. We work within a system of relationships, which are all interconnected and reciprocal.

Likewise, why positive relationships with adults are important? Positive relationships are important because they help children develop independence, self esteem and wellbeing. Children will feel confident, secure and be able to trust their relationship with adults in turn learning to trust their own decisions.

Also to know, why are respectful relationships important for babies and children?

From birth, secure attachments formed through warm and respectful relationships with familiar adults are fundamental to children’s learning and development. These relationships protect, regulate and buffer children. They provide a secure base that helps children to feel safe and confident to try new things.

Why is it important to use positive and respectful communication with students in all situations?

Educators need to practice positive and respectful communication with each other in order to communicate effectively with each other. This helps to build a consistent and cohesive team approach within the service and provides a role model for the type of communication they want children to develop.

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