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Why did Andy Bernard punch the wall?

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Why did Andy Bernard punch the wall?

Andy references his anger issues from previous episodes Gay Witch Hunt and The Return. He also punches the same wall he did the last time. When Andy punches the wall, Darryl makes the comment “He does not like that wall“.

In this way, why did Andy Bernard leave the office?

He was fired after Nellie stole his job causing Andy to react violently, but wins his job back after convincing David Wallace to buy out Dunder Mifflin/Sabre, re-instating Andy as manager. He quits his job at Dunder Mifflin in order to go into show business.

who does Andy Bernard end up with? Season 6 EditHe has spent almost every episode so far trying to impress Erin, the new receptionist. He succeeded in “The Delivery”, though in the episode “Secretary’s Day”, Erin finds out from Michael that Andy was engaged to Angela which Andy had never told her, so they ended up breaking up.

In this regard, why did Andy go to anger management?

Prior to his anger management training, Andy had severe anger problems. After punching a hole in the wall of the office, in frustration over his hidden cellphone, Andy is sent to anger management training, which he claims is still “Management Training.”

Why was Ed Helms not in season 9?

Ed Helms took time off to shoot Hangover 3. The reason for his absence, which is explained on the show as Andy and his brother taking a boat trip to find themselves, is that the actor has been hard at work on some film projects including “The Hangover Part III.”

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