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Who makes San Francisco Bay Coffee?

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Who makes San Francisco Bay Coffee?

Costco and JBR Inc., the Roseville, California-based company that does business as San Francisco Bay Gourmet Coffee, have agreed to jointly pay $500,000 in the settlement of a consumer protection lawsuit involving coffee pods with false marketing claims related to biodegradability and compostability.

Keeping this in view, does Costco Sell San Francisco Bay Coffee?

San Francisco Bay Single-serve Coffee | Costco.

Similarly, are San Francisco Bay coffee pods compostable? SF Bay Coffee OneCup pods are certified commercially compostable by BPI. Our single-serve pods and bag are made from compostable materials, including a paper lidding, plant-based ring, and mesh coffee filter.

Regarding this, is San Francisco Bay Coffee Fair Trade?

At SF Bay Coffee, we are committed to continue progressing in coffee farming and production by practicing innovation and sustainability, offering fair trade to our farmers, and minimizing waste, all while providing the world’s best coffee.

Who makes biodegradable K cups?

Here are a few more brands that make biodegradable, compostable, and otherwise earth friendly k cups.

  • Boyd’s Hi Rev Coffee Pods.
  • Oakland Coffee Works Single Serve Pods.
  • Faro Roasting Houses Rainforest Alliance Compostable K Cups.
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