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Who is the leader of the lower house of the legislative branch?

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Who is the leader of the lower house of the legislative branch?

United States Congress
President of the Senate Mike Pence (R) since January 20, 2017
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D) since January 3, 2019
President pro tempore of the Senate Chuck Grassley (R) since January 3, 2019

Keeping this in view, who is the head of the legislative branch?

The presiding officer of the chamber is the Speaker of the House, elected by the Representatives. He or she is third in the line of succession to the Presidency.

Secondly, who presides over the lower house of the state legislature? All 50 state legislatures operate with a speaker as the chief leadership role of the lower house. In Nebraska, the speaker serves as the leader of the unicameral legislature. Moreover, the head of the Tennessee State Senate is also referred to as the speaker.

Herein, what is the lower house of the legislative branch?

House of Representatives

What is the legislative house called?

The legislative branch of the U.S. government is called Congress. Congress has two parts, the Senate and the House of Representatives.

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