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Who invented the Marcel curling iron?

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Who invented the Marcel curling iron?

Marcel Grateau

In this manner, who invented the Marcel?

Marcel Grateau revolutionised hair styling in 1872 when, while styling the hair of prostitutes in the slums of Paris, he invented the Marcel Wave. Most women wore their hair long at the time, and Marcel used heated irons to produce a stylish wave as an alternative to the curls which were in trend at the time.

Additionally, when were curling tongs first invented? The inventor of the curling iron remains unknown, but the first known patent for the improvement of the design was given to Sir Hiram Maxim on August 21, 1866 (Mottelay). While the curling iron was first patented in the 19th Century, the practice of hairstyling has been dated back to 2,000 BC (Stevenson 138).

Furthermore, who invented the Marcel iron in 1875?

Marcel Grateau

When did Marcel Grateau die?

About MarcelMarcel Grateau was born on October 17, 1885 and he died on June 15, 1936 at age 84. -The hair iron is the only thing that Marcel created.

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