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Which IEEE standard specifies the protocol for CSMA CD?

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Which IEEE standard specifies the protocol for CSMA CD?

The 802.3 standard, commonly associated with Ethernet, specifies the media-access method used by Ethernet, which is known as Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection (CSMA/CD).

Similarly one may ask, what 802 standard defines the protocol for Ethernet?

The MAC layer varies for different network types and is defined by standards IEEE 802.3 through IEEE 802.5. IEEE 802.3: Defines the MAC layer for bus networks that use CSMA/CD. This is the basis of the Ethernet standard.

Also, which IEEE 802.3 standard is also known as Gigabit Ethernet? 1000BASE-T

Correspondingly, what is the IEEE standard number for all Ethernet standards?

The Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers developed an Ethernet standard known as IEEE Standard 802.3. This standard defines rules for configuring an Ethernet network and also specifies how the elements in an Ethernet network interact with one another.

At which layer of the OSI model would you find IP?

The best known example of the Transport Layer is the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), which is built on top of the Internet Protocol (IP), commonly known as TCP/IP. TCP and UDP port numbers work at Layer 4, while IP addresses work at Layer 3, the Network Layer.

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