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Where will WestJet fly the 787?

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Where will WestJet fly the 787?

The first three official destinations for the WestJet 787 have been announced. The WestJet 787 Dreamliner will fly from Calgary to London, Dublin and Paris.

Furthermore, what routes will WestJet 787 fly?

WestJet’s future 787 routes

  • WestJet will operate daily 787-9 Toronto to London Gatwick flights as of October 23, 2019.
  • WestJet will operate 2x weekly 787-9 Calgary to Kahului flights as of October 31, 2019 (from March 12 through April 22, 2020, they’ll operate 5x weekly flights)

Likewise, how many 787 Dreamliners does WestJet have? WestJet has only been operating the 787-9 Dreamliners since the start of the year. It now has three in its fleet and has seven due to be delivered. WestJet anticipates receiving three deliveries in 2020, facilitating this expansion of its 787-9 services. The airline is Canada’s second-largest carrier.

Also asked, where does the Dreamliner fly to?

This winter Thomson is using the 787 on routes from Gatwick to Barbados, Cuba, Phuket, Montego Bay in Jamaica, Mombasa in Kenya, Cancun, the Maldives, and the Dominican Republic; from Manchester to Barbados, the Dominican Republic and Cancun; and from Newcastle to Cancun.

What is WestJet Dreamliner?

As per WestJet, the Dreamliner is a “state-of-the-art” aircraft that can reach a range of 14,000 kilometres. It’s also 20 percent more fuel efficient than a Boeing 767 aircraft. The first 10 WestJet Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners are set to arrive in Calgary in early 2019, with two more arriving before April.

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