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Where did the term funny car come from?

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Where did the term funny car come from?

Graham Light, Senior Vice President of Racing Operations, NHRA: They’d had the rear wheels moved considerably up the shaft chassis. They also increased the size of the rear tires, greatly oversized from stock. And looking at the cars they looked close to stock, but not quite. Hence the name funny cars.

Consequently, when did funny cars start?

The first of the “funny-looking cars” were a trio of 1964 Dodge 330 Max Wedges which were named the “Dodge Chargers”. They debuted in March 1964 at San Diego Raceway.

Additionally, how does a funny car work? Funny Cars are powered by the same supercharged and fuel-injected 500-inch engines as Top Fuel dragsters. Funny Cars are also similar to Top Fuel dragsters in that they do not use a transmission but rather transmit power to the huge Goodyear rear slicks through a multistage clutch assembly that is activated by timers.

Considering this, what is the difference between a Funny Car and a Top Fuel dragster?

Funny cars feature carbon-fiber bodies over a conventional chassis and resemble production cars. Top Fuel dragsters generally have the same horsepower as Funny cars, but are faster because they are lighter with narrow bodies. Funny cars and Top Fuel dragsters are straight-line quarter-mile racers.

What are funny car bodies made of?

A Funny Car body is generally made of a carbon fiber composite material and must be a 2002 or later body style. All Funny Car bodies are specifically designed for maximum aerodynamic efficiency and must conform to an NHRA approved template.

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