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Where can I buy Earthbound Farm products?

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Where can I buy Earthbound Farm products?

These are some of the retailers who are now carrying (or are about to begin carrying) Earthbound Farm Frozen Organic Fruits & Vegetables. Oceana Market OK Natural Oliver’s Organic Harvest Oryana Food Co-op Overland Meat Co.

Regarding this, who bought Earthbound Farms?

In 2013, Earthbound Farm was acquired by WhiteWave Foods, owner of Horizon Organic milk, for $600 million. In July 2016 it was announced that the French company Danone would purchase WhiteWave Foods for $10.4 billion. The acquisition was completed in April 2017 and the newly formed company was named DanoneWave.

is Earthbound Farms Spring Mix recall? We are aware of the recommendation FDA and CDC released on November 22, 2019 regarding romaine lettuce from the Salinas, CA growing region. There is no indication that any Earthbound Farm Organic products are a source nor have we initiated any form of product recall at this time.

Herein, is Earthbound Farm Organic Romaine safe?

San Juan Bautista-based Earthbound Farm, the largest producer of organic salads in the U.S., released a statement on the nationwide outbreak of E. The CDC and Food & Drug Administration have advised consumers not to eat any romaine lettuce in light of the outbreak, which has sickened 32 people in 11 states.

Is Earthbound organic Romaine lettuce recall?

Product alert: Earthbound Farm Organic Romaine Hearts Packages. Based on a consumer advisory from the CDC, all romaine lettuce from the Yuma region of Arizona should be avoided. No official recall has been issued to date.

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