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Where are ELB logs stored?

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Where are ELB logs stored?

Access logging is an optional feature of Elastic Load Balancing that is disabled by default. After you enable access logging for your load balancer, Elastic Load Balancing captures the logs and stores them in the Amazon S3 bucket that you specify as compressed files.

Likewise, people ask, how do I check ELB logs?

In the navigation pane, under Load Balancing, choose Load Balancers. Select the load balancer where you want to search for your access log file. On the Description tab, scroll to the Attributes section, and then note the Amazon S3 location value in Access logs.

Likewise, what are access logs in AWS? Access logging is an optional feature of Elastic Load Balancing that is disabled by default. Each access log file is automatically encrypted using SSE-S3 before it is stored in your S3 bucket and decrypted when you access it.

Also know, how do I enable ELB access logs?

Step3: Enable Access logs at the ELBLog In to EC2 Section -> Browse to Load Balancers -> Click on any load Balancer -> Enable Access log [Edit], This will ask you for your S3 Bucket location with prefix. Similarly for another ELB you can enable access log and use myapp2 folder.

In what type of protocol will your API endpoint be exposed?

An API endpoint that is exposed through interface VPC endpoints and allows a client to securely access private API resources inside a VPC.

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