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What type of music was created by the Notre Dame School of composers?

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What type of music was created by the Notre Dame School of composers?

The earliest motets are the NotreDame motets, written by composers such as Leonin and Perotin during the 13th century. These motets were polyphonic, with a different text in each voice, and employed the rhythmic modes.

Herein, how did organum impact early music composition?

In its earliest stages, organum involved two musical voices: a Gregorian chant melody, and the same melody transposed by a consonant interval, usually a perfect fifth or fourth. Over time, composers began to write added parts that were not just simple transpositions, thus creating true polyphony.

Also, who were the two composers of the Notre Dame school? The composers of the Notre-Dame school are all anonymous except for two, Léonin, or Leoninus (late 12th century), and Pérotin, or Perotinus (flourished c. 1200), both of whom are mentioned in a 13th-century treatise by an anonymous Englishman studying in Paris.

Thereof, what is the most significant musical contribution made by the school of Notre Dame?

There is no specific date or documentation that shows exactly when polyphony started being used in the Church, but two French composers, Leonin and his student Perotin, of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, are generally credited with composing the first significant polyphonic church music.

What is the Notre Dame school and why is it important?

The Notre-Dame school is important to the history of music because it produced the earliest repertory of polyphonic (multipart) music to gain international prestige and circulation.

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