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What mistake does Telemachus make in Book 21?

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What mistake does Telemachus make in Book 21?

Telemachus makes a mistake in Book 21 that in this book gives the suitors more of a fighting chance.

Similarly, what mistake does Telemachus make in Book 22?

He has a stout heart and an active mind, and sometimes even a bit of a temper, but he never schemes with the same skill or speaks with quite the same fluency as Odysseus. In Book 22, he accidentally leaves a weapons storeroom unlocked, a careless mistake that allows the suitors to arm themselves.

Subsequently, question is, what happens in Book 21 of the Odyssey? In Book 21 of The Odyssey, Penelope brings out Odysseus‘ bow and tells the suitors she will marry the first one who can string it and shoot an arrow through twelve axes. Odysseus tells them their part in his plan to slaughter the suitors and goes back to the contest.

Similarly, it is asked, what does Telemachus do at the end of Book 21?

Summary: Book 21Telemachus sets up the axes and then tries his own hand at the bow, but fails in his attempt to string it. He promises to treat them as Telemachus’s brothers if they fight by his side against the suitors. When Odysseus returns, Eurymachus has the bow.

How has Telemachus changed since the beginning of Book 1?

She suggests killing them either openly or by treachery. How has Telemachus changed since the beginning of Book 1, and how does Penelope react? He has become more assertive, referring to himself as the man of the house. She looks at him in wonder.

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