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What laws did Theodore Roosevelt pass?

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What laws did Theodore Roosevelt pass?

His presidency saw the passage of the Pure Food and Drug Act, which established the Food and Drug Administration to regulate food safety, and the Hepburn Act, which increased the regulatory power of the Interstate Commerce Commission.

Also to know is, what were some major accomplishments of Theodore Roosevelt?

Nobel Peace Prize Army Medal of Honor

Beside above, what did Theodore Roosevelt die from? Pulmonary embolism

Simply so, what were Theodore Roosevelt’s beliefs?

Roosevelt believed that in his day many of the corporate magnates and powerful trust titans amassed their wealth in ill-gotten ways. As such, he viewed the inheritance tax as well as income tax initiatives as an important part of his progressive views.

What did Roosevelt do as a progressive?

The platform in general expressed Roosevelt’s “New Nationalism”, an extension of his earlier philosophy of the Square Deal. He called for new restraints on the power of federal and state judges along with a strong executive to regulate industry, protect the working classes and carry on great national projects.

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