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What kind of flies do I have?

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What kind of flies do I have?

Common Flies Found in Buildings
  • Blow Fly. The blow flies found in buildings are fairly large, metallic gray, blue or black flies.
  • Cluster Flies.
  • House Fly.
  • Little House Fly.
  • A Picturewinged Fly.
  • Fungus Gnat.
  • Small Fruit Flies/Vinegar Flies.
  • Moth Flies.

People also ask, how do you identify different types of flies?

Identifying Common Flies In Your Home Or Business

  1. Blow Flies. Blow flies, sometimes called bottle flies, prefer to lay their eggs in rotting material.
  2. Drain Flies. Drain flies are often called moth flies because of the similarities in appearance.
  3. Gnats.
  4. Common Houseflies.
  5. Phorid Flies.
  6. Fruit Flies.

One may also ask, what is the most common type of fly? The house fly is the most common type of fly found in and around homes. They can be found worldwide and are widespread throughout the United States.

Subsequently, one may also ask, what flies are in my house?

Most of the time, when you find house flies inside, it is because they are coming inside the structures. Check cracks around windows, doors and vents as possible entry points. In residential areas, pet manure, which is not picked up regularly, can be a breeding source for house flies.

How do you identify a fly?

Hair: Some varieties, like shiny bottle flies, appear to have little hair, while fuzzy drain flies have a moth-like look. Eyes: Forward-facing, goggle-shaped eyes are a hallmark of house flies. The eye placement of other types of flies can help experts identify them.

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