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What is the difference between 29822 and 29823?

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What is the difference between 29822 and 29823?

As per AAOS, Code 29822 covers limited debridement of soft or hard tissue and should be used for limited labral debridement, cuff debridement or the removal of degenerative cartilage and osteophytes. Code 29823 should be used only for extensive debridement of soft or hard tissue.

Regarding this, what is the difference between limited and extensive debridement?

By applying the same concept to the elbow as we do in the shoulder, a limited debridement (29837) occurs in either the anterior or posterior compartment of the elbow, while extensive debridement (29838) occurs in both the anterior and posterior compartments.

Additionally, can 29822 and 29826 be billed together? CPT 29826 can only be billed along with one (or more) of the following CPT codes: 29806, 29807, 29819, 29820, 29821, 29822, 29823, 29824, 29825, 29827 and 29828.

In this manner, can CPT codes 29806 and 29823 be billed together?

As per operative report, codes will be 29827 (for rotator cuff repair) and 29999 (biceps tenotomy). If physician has performed extensive debridement than it will be 29827 and 29823. As per CCI edits, there is no guidelines which says 29806 and 29827 cannot billed together.

How do you code a shoulder arthroscopy?

Your first instinct may be to report CPT® 29827-RT Arthroscopy, shoulder, surgical; with rotator cuff repair-Right side, 29824-RT Arthroscopy, shoulder, surgical; distal claviculectomy including distal articular surface (Mumford procedure), +29826-RT Arthroscopy, shoulder, surgical; decompression of subacromial space

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