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What is the BCIS All in Tender Price Index?

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What is the BCIS All in Tender Price Index?

BCIS All-in Tender Price Index (BCIS TPI) and the Community Infrastructure Levy. The BCIS TPI was proposed as the appropriate index for adjusting CIL charges by DCLG as it reflects the market price (cost to client) of construction work and therefore, the cost included in the levy charge.

Keeping this in view, what is the tender price index?

Tender Price and Building Cost Indices. Tender Price Indices represent the price for which the contractor offers to carry out the project, i.e. cost to client.

Also, what is construction output price index? Output Price Indices (OPIs) measure the price level of work being executed in a given period. The OPIs for Construction were originally devised to deflate construction output from current to constant levels, but are also used in a range of statutory and contractual applications.

Also question is, how do you use BCIS tender price indices?

From the BCIS opening page click on ‘Indices‘. Select ‘BCIS Tender Price Indices‘. Select ‘BCIS All-In TPI’. Select ‘Close and Apply‘.

What is Pubsec?

PUBSEC is an ‘All-In’ index including both ‘fixed price’ and ‘variation of price’ projects in its compilation. The indices may be used in estimating, cost-checking and fee negotiation on non housing public sector construction works.

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