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What is op an abbreviation for?

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What is op an abbreviation for?

On internet forums and message boards, OP is short for original poster, or the person who started the thread that users comment on.

Correspondingly, what is Op slang for?

Paul Gil. Updated November 11, 2019. The internet slang term ‘OP‘ can refer to one of two things: overpowered in a game or the original poster in an online situation. The term is used most often in messaging or online forums, where ‘OP‘ refers to the person who originally posted a question or comment.

Similarly, what does OP stand for in gaming? There is one other way you’ll hear the term OP uttered, and it applies to video game forums. In that case, the two letters stand for Original Post or Original Poster (the person who wrote the post).

Similarly one may ask, what does op mean on Instagram?

Original Poster

What does OP block mean in slang?

hello, ‘opp’ is Opp is a slang word meaning opposition; it is often used by criminals to refer to their enemies, such as rival gang members. This slang isn’t consider a nationwide slang, it’s mostly used in places Pittsburgh, California, and Chicago. Opps is often considered to be the plural of the word.

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