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What is importance of occupation?

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What is importance of occupation?

They have not only social importance but also economic, psychological and human significance. (i) They Satisfy the Material Needs of Man: Work and Occupations are a fundamental necessity in life. Society depends upon the production of food, machine, various utensils and articles of daily use, newsprint, etc.

Consequently, why is occupation important?

As an occupational therapist it is vital for us to know a person’s occupation as well as the associated activities. Understanding the concept of balance between various occupational performance areas is important because without balance it could affect a person’s health and well-being.

Additionally, what is a meaningful occupation? The concept of meaningful occupationWilcock (1998a) describes occupation in ‘a simple way as a synthesis of doing, being and becoming’ (p. 249). Yerxa (1994) has described occupation as a source of power.

Likewise, people ask, which is the most important occupation?

ln the contemporary time , farming can be considered as comparitively important occupation as it can feed the population Especially in country like lndia where it is highly densly populated , agriculture is having a greater importance than any other occupation.

Why do people engage in occupations?

Participation in meaningful occupations promotes occupational performance and contributes to good health and wellbeing [1,7]. These multiple demands may cause role overload, which can affect mothers’ physical and mental health as well as their life satisfaction [11,12].

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