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What is compile and testCompile in gradle?

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What is compile and testCompile in gradle?

compile is the group of dependencies you need to build your application while testCompile is a group of dependencies that you need only for testing.

Simply so, what is testCompile in gradle?

In Gradle dependencies are grouped into a named set of dependencies. The testCompile configuration contains the dependencies which are required to compile the tests of our project. This configuration contains the compiled classes of our project and the dependencies added to the compile configuration.

Furthermore, what is compile group in gradle? 26. compile specifies an external dependency for the project you are building. compile requires group, name, and version. These can either be broken out or specified using the short form “group:name:version”. see Gradle Dependency Management Basics.

Similarly, what is difference between compile and implementation in gradle?

Compile configuration was deprecated and should be replaced by implementation or api . The key difference between the standard Java plugin and the Java Library plugin is that the latter introduces the concept of an API exposed to consumers. A library is a Java component meant to be consumed by other components.

What is androidTestImplementation?

( each called Configuration ) testImplementation : adds dependency for test source set. androidTestImplementation : adds dependency for androidTest source set.

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