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What is an availability domain?

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What is an availability domain?

A region is a localized geographic area, and an availability domain is one or more data centers located within a region. Most Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resources are either region-specific, such as a virtual cloud network, or availability domain-specific, such as a compute instance.

Also know, what is availability domain in OCI?

Availability Domain (AD) is one or more data centers located within a region. A region is composed of three availability domains. Services/Resources are either Region-Specific (like VCN) or Availability Domain Specific (like Compute)

One may also ask, what is a cloud region? The simplest explanation is that a “cloud region” describes the actual, real-life geographic location where your public cloud resources are located.

Also to know, what is Oracle Identity domain?

An identity domain is a construct for managing users and roles, integration standards, external identities, secure application integration through Oracle Single Sign-On (SSO) configuration and OAuth administration. Oracle Cloud creates an identity domain specific to that customer.

Where are Oracle data centers?

Oracle Cloud will build new data centers in California, Chile, Montreal, Melbourne, Amsterdam, Singapore, Israel, South Africa, Belo Horizonte in Brazil, Osaka in Japan, Hyderabad in India, Chuncheon in South Korea, Newport in Wales, as well as two in Saudi Arabia and two in the United Arab Emirates.

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