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What is a laterolog?

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What is a laterolog?

The laterolog is a direct current (DC) tool based on Ohm’s Law. The tools have been designed to produce reliable resistivity measurements in boreholes containing highly saline drilling fluids and/or when surrounded by highly resistive rocks.

Similarly, it is asked, what is an induction log?

Baker Atlas introduced its High-Definition Induction Log (HDIL) array induction tool in 1996. It is a seven-array tool that operates at eight frequencies. The data at each frequency are fitted to the true formation conductivity. The resulting function is used for the skin-effect correction.

Also, which logging tool has largest depth of investigation? For instance, the microlog provides the finest vertical bed resolution, while the deep induction (ILd) and laterolog (LLd) have the largest depths of investigation in most conditions. Figure 2-6 shows how these factors vary with tool configuration. 35

Accordingly, what is Microlog?

Microlog (TM) is a resistivity log of a borehole which is measured by 2 electrodes that are installed on a pad of a microresistivity measuring device. Microlog (TM), unlike its other equivalent techniques, is unfocused and yields approximate measurement.

What is electrical logging?

Definition of electric logging. i. A technique in which electrical measurements are made, and recorded at the surface, while a series of electrodes or coils is caused to traverse a borehole.

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