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What is a feeder for a pool?

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What is a feeder for a pool?

Swimming pool chemical feeders are devices used to precisely control the amount of chlorine, bromine or pH control chemical dispensed into the pool.

In respect to this, what does a chlorinator do for a pool?

An automatic swimming pool chlorinator is a device that is attached to the pool filtration system and releases chlorine or other pool cleaners automatically into the water; it just needs to be filled with the cleaner manually, and it does the rest.

Also Know, what is a chemical feeder? A chemical feeder is a quick and effective way to sanitize your pool or spa. They allow the proper flow of chlorine and bromine throughout your pool or spa without over or under sanitizing it. Instead of manually mixing large chemicals, a chemical feeder lets you simply fill the feeder and have it do all the work.

Just so, what should pool chlorinator be set at?

5 Maintenance Tips for Salt Chlorine GeneratorsTo make your salt water chlorinator last, you’ll need to perform regular maintenance on it just as you do every other part of your pool. Try to maintain a consistent salt level of between 2,700 parts per million (ppm) and 3,400 ppm, with 3,200 ppm being ideal.

How often should a pool be shocked?

Always make sure that the filter system is running while shocking the pool. Some pool owners choose to shock their pools once every 1-2 weeks as normal maintenance. This is a great way to keep your chlorine level up and prevent algae growth.

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