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What is a band aid contact?

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What is a band aid contact?

Bausch + Lomb PureVision and PureVision2 contact lenses are indicated for therapeutic use. When placed on the cornea for therapeutic use, these lenses act as a bandage to protect the cornea and relieve pain during treatment of ocular pathologies as well as post-surgical conditions.

In this manner, what is a bandage contact lens?

A bandage contact lens is designed to protect an injured or diseased cornea from the mechanical rubbing of the blinking eyelids, therefore allowing it to heal. The Bandage lens often makes the eye feel more comfortable. It is usually a soft lens, but not always. The optometrist will then change the lens for you.

Beside above, how long does a bandage contact lens stay in? If one uses a bandage contact lens for tamponade, the lens should stay in place for 1 to 2 weeks (to allow the tissue to heal) before attempting removal. Repeated placement and removal of the contact lens traumatizes the area and impedes healing.

In respect to this, can you see through a bandage contact lens?

In contrast to using the conventional pressure patch, a bandage contact lens allows concurrent application of medications, allows the physician to observe the eye without removing the bandage, allows the patient to have usable vision in the affected eye and offers significantly better cosmesis along with the ability to

How do you bill bandage contact lenses?

Assuming your treatment plan includes applying a soft bandage contact lens, you would use 92071 to describe this service. CPT Code 92071 is defined as: “Fitting of contact lens for treatment of ocular surface disease.”

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