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What does it mean when nest is orange?

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What does it mean when nest is orange?

Whether your system is heating, cooling or idle (the app background is orange when heating, blue when cooling, and black when idle) The target temperature that your system is set to heat or cool to. Time-to-Temperature. Nest Leaf (depending on target temperature)

Simply so, what does the blue light on the nest mean?

Most of the time Nest Protect’s light ring will be off. When it lights up, it means that Nest Protect has something to tell you. The blue light shows that Nest Protect is active and ready to be connected or tested. During setup, Nest Protect will glow blue when it’s awake and ready to be configured.

Also Know, what is Farsight nest? The debate was revived last year after we launched the 3rd generation Nest Learning Thermostat and a feature called Farsight. When the Nest Thermostat spots you across the room, Farsight lights up to show you the target temperature or the time, in a digital or analog clock view. People love Farsight.

Regarding this, what does Nest delayed mean?

This delay is commonly called the maintenance band, deadband, differential, or temperature swing. The delay is usually just a few minutes, but it’s there to help you and your system: Many heating and cooling systems have a built-in delay to prevent excessive wear.

What do Nest lights mean?

What it means. Status light is solid green. Everything is working normally. Your Nest Hello is turned on, connected to a Wi-Fi network, and streaming video.

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