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What did Hong Xiuquan believe?

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What did Hong Xiuquan believe?

Hong Xiuquan
Hong Xiuquan (???)
House House of Hong
Father Hong Jingyang ???
Mother Madam Wang ??
Religion God Worshipping

In this regard, what were the beliefs of Hong Xiuquan?

Worshippers’ Society”) was founded by Hong Xiuquan, a fanatic who believed himself a son of God, and… million lives, was led by Hong Xiuquan, who was influenced by Christian teachings and thought that he…

Also, what was Hong Xiuquan movement called? He preached a mixture Confucianism and Christianity, declaring a new dynasty called the Taiping (meaning Heavenly Kingdom of Great Peace) and proclaiming himself Tian Wang, (Heavenly King). It was the beginning of the taiping Rebellion, a 10 year revolt against Qing dynasty. The Taiping movement was revolutionary.

Then, what was Hong Xiuquan goal?

Led by Hong Xiuquan, the self-proclaimed brother of Jesus Christ, the goals of the Taipings were religious, nationalist, and political in nature; they sought the conversion of the Chinese people to the Taiping’s syncretic version of Christianity, the overthrow of the ruling Manchus, and a wholesale transformation and

When did Hong Xiuquan die?

June 1, 1864

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