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What color is Brazilian cherry?

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What color is Brazilian cherry?

Brazilian cherry changes dramatically during the finishing process. Unfinished, the hardwood has a creamy pinkish-red color that becomes a warm and rich reddish brown with streaked tones after staining and finishing.

Likewise, does Brazilian cherry wood change color?

Brazilian Cherry has a dramatic color change over time like domestic cherry. In a process known as oxidation, it changes from the mill-direct tan/salmon color to a deep, rich, reddish-brown color. The color change occurs in several days when exposed to direct sunlight.

Secondly, does Brazilian cherry hardwood darken? Ultraviolet light from the sun causes the tannins in the Brazilian Cherry floors to darken over time. Most Cherry floors, American, Black, and Brazilian will darken when exposed to ultraviolet light. This problem is most often seen when area or throw rugs are put down to cover the flooring for extended periods of time.

Also question is, is Brazilian cherry out of style?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. Brazilian Cherry floors were extremely popular 8 to 10 years, but now these floors have become a bit dated as red floors are out of style, and often don’t match the rest of your hardwood flooring.

What does Brazilian cherry wood look like?

Perhaps the biggest draw of this wood is its appearance. It really is one of the most beautiful hardwoods you can purchase. Its color ranges from rich orange to a deep, reddish brown, contrasted by intricate dark grains that cross the wood in straight runs and flowering patterns.

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