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What are the difference between direct and indirect loss?

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What are the difference between direct and indirect loss?

Fire and smoke damage would count as a direct loss. So would theft, or a car crashing through the front window. Indirect losses, often referred to in business insurance policies as “consequential losses,” are not inflicted by the peril itself but describe losses suffered as a result or consequence of the direct loss.

Accordingly, what is an example of an indirect loss?

Example. If a restaurant’s oven catches fire and sustains damage, that damage is a direct loss. If smoke from the fire damages the restaurant, causing operations to cease for weeks, the loss of business revenue is an indirect loss.

Similarly, what does direct loss mean? Definition. Direct Lossloss incurred due to direct damage to property, as opposed to time element or other indirect losses. Also used sometimes by captives to identify losses under policies directly insured by the captive, as opposed to losses assumed from a front company.

Subsequently, question is, what is direct physical loss or damage?

One court has held that a direct physical loss “contemplates an actual change in insured property then in a satisfactory state, occasioned by accident or other fortuitous event directly upon the property causing it to become unsatisfactory for future use or requiring that repairs be made to make it so.”

What is direct loss in contract law?

Direct and indirect lossesDirect loss is loss arising naturally, according to the usual course of things, from the breach of contract itself, and is therefore foreseeable and recoverable.

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