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What are electromagnetic lenses?

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What are electromagnetic lenses?

A magnetic lens is a device for the focusing or deflection of moving charged particles, such as electrons or ions, by use of the magnetic Lorentz force. Its strength can often be varied by usage of electromagnets.

Similarly one may ask, how does an electromagnetic lens work?

Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) > Electromagnetic LensesA strong magnetic field is generated by passing a current through a set of windings. This field acts as a convex lens, bringing off axis rays back to focus. Focal length can be altered by changing the strength of the current.

Subsequently, question is, what is magnetic focusing? Definition of magnetic focusing. : the converging of a stream of electrons by means of a suitable magnetic field — compare magnetic lens.

Thereof, which type of lenses are used in electron microscope?

Electron and ion microscopes use a beam of charged particles instead of light, and use electromagnetic or electrostatic lenses to focus the particles. They can see features as small as one-tenth of a nanometer (one ten billionth of a meter), including individual atoms.

Who perfected a magnetic lens in 1927?

Hans Busch

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