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Is regression testing done in production?

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Is regression testing done in production?

Regression Testing in Production environment is not possible. Real users available in Production : In production environment the data which is available it is not junk or test data. It is the actual data and latest code which end users are using it.

Simply so, who does regression testing?

Regression testing is done after functional testing has concluded, to verify that the other functionalities are working. In the corporate world, regression testing has traditionally been performed by a software quality assurance team after the development team has completed work.

One may also ask, how do you test for production? Guidelines to Perform Testing in Production Environment

  1. Create your own test data.
  2. The naming convention of test data should be realistic.
  3. Do not play with other existing user’s data.
  4. Create your credentials to access the application.
  5. Never try load test on a production environment.

Similarly one may ask, when should regression testing be performed?

Regression Testing is usually performed after verification of changes or new functionality. But this is not the case always. For the release that is taking months to complete, regression tests must be incorporated in the daily test cycle.

Is regression testing part of UAT?

Regression testing is the act of retesting a product around an area where a bug was fixed. UAT, or user acceptance testing, is a waterfall test concept. Software solutions are developed, tested internally and then delivered to the customer/user for UAT. In this test activity, end-to-end scenarios are the focus.

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