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Is PHP cURL synchronous?

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Is PHP cURL synchronous?

Short answer is no it isn’t asynchronous. Longer answer is “Not unless you wrote the backend yourself to do so.” The php backend is also synchronously making curl calls, not returning results for your XHR’s http request until the curl call finishes.

Considering this, is PHP Curl asynchronous?

There are two main ways to perform asynchronous requests. You can either go “native” with the in-built [ curl_multi_* ( functions, or you can use the Guzzle library to simplify your life.

Additionally, can PHP be asynchronous? Asynchronous PHP refers to PHP code that is written using the asynchronous model. By using extensions such as Swoole, or a PHP framework such as ReactPHP, you can make PHP accept requests and responses asynchronously, using event loops.

Additionally, is PHP synchronous or asynchronous?

By default most PHP “best practices” make php very synchronous in nature. They bring the event based nature of NodeJS into PHP. Also HHVM and Hack have the use of the async and await keywords to get the same type of nodeJS behavior. Also there is a difference between asynchronous and multi-threaded.

What is curl PHP?

CURL stand for Client URL. CURL is a library to switch information via more than a few protocols like http, ftp, tftp and many others. First cURL library was released in 1997. Libcurl is library which support data transfer on exclusive protocol. PHP CURL is used in multiple languages like PHP, ASP.NET etc.

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