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How old is sadness from inside out?

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How old is sadness from inside out?

The protagonist in the film is 11-year-old Riley, who has been blessed with attentive, loving parents and a smooth existence until her family decides to move from Minnesota to San Francisco.

Hereof, is sadness from inside out a boy or girl?

In the movie Inside Out, I found that the personified emotions Anger and Fear inside the main character (Riley) are male whereas Joy, Disgust and Sadness are female.

One may also ask, what color is sadness from inside out? blue

In this way, what was sadness role in Inside Out?

Appeared in:Sadness is the deuteragonist of Inside Out. She is the blue Emotion and one of the five Emotions inside the mind of Riley, along with Joy, Fear, Anger, and Disgust. According to an interview with Phyllis Smith, Sadness is the voice of reason: when Joy has an idea, she’ll try and drag her down.

Who is sadness voice in inside out?

Cast (in credits order) verified as complete

Amy Poehler Joy (voice)
Phyllis Smith Sadness (voice)
Richard Kind Bing Bong (voice)
Bill Hader Fear (voice)
Lewis Black Anger (voice)
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