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How old is Lisa Amato?

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How old is Lisa Amato?

Lisa D’Amato
Born Lisa Marie D’Amato October 22, 1980 Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Other names La Puchinetta, Lisa D., Miss October
Spouse(s) Adam Friedman ( m. 2012)
Modeling information

Consequently, what happened to Lisa from ANTM?

Rehab for class A drug addictionWhen Preston was disqualified from ANTM All Stars, Lisa D’Amato stepped up to win the crown in 2011. She previously appeared on Cycle 5 of the show and fell into drug addiction after it ended.

Also Know, where is Yoanna House now? Yoanna currently lives in New York with her husband and her 2-year-old son, Alastair.

Consequently, who is the founder of Dare you go?

Lisa D’Amato

Did Lisa win ANTM?

During her time on the show she developed her own perfume called “Neon” and performed in a music video for her song “I Be Like Whoa.” On December 7, 2011, Lisa won ANTM All-Stars (Cycle 17) over fellow finalist Allison Harvard who was the runner up in both of her cycles .

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