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How much do funny car drivers make?

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How much do funny car drivers make?

Today’s top fuel and funny car winners will earn $50,000, about half as much as the big-budget teams devout to one car every race. Haddock, who drives a 2000 Hadman chassis, will spend less than $10,000 on the weekend.

Likewise, how much does a NHRA Funny Car driver make?

The NHRA Full Throttle Top 10 in Top Fuel and Funny Car receive $2,000 each, while the Top 10 drivers in Pro Stock earn $1,000 each. Another $2,500 is paid at each of the 17 races that feature the Pro Stock Motorcycle category.

Beside above, how much does a funny car cost? Today, fielding a Funny Car team can cost between US$2.6 and US$3 million. A single carbon fiber body can cost US$70,000. Nitro Funny Car racing has never been more competitive than since 2006.

Accordingly, what is the salary of a Top Fuel driver?

The average NHRA Salary for Drivers is $44,922 per year.

How much does John Force make a year?

John Force net worth: John Force is an American drag racer, Funny Car driver, and car owner who has a net worth of $12 million dollars. With 15 NHRA Championship wins and a total of 132 wins overall, John Force has dominated his field for over 30 years.

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