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How many plants can you grow in Michigan recreational?

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How many plants can you grow in Michigan recreational?

Michigan went legal on December 1, 2019. Michiganders 21 and up can grow 12 plants at their residence—if multiple people live in a house, there can still only be 12 total. Plants have to be out of sight from the public and in an enclosed area that can be locked, even if it’s outside.

Similarly one may ask, how many plants can you grow with a grower’s license?

If you would like to be a legal marijuana in California, and you are uncertain about the law, we have explained on how to get a grower’s license to grow up to 99 plants, and about marijuana in general. You get your license for cultivation in almost all Californian cities.

how many plants can you grow with a medical card? Basically, this section confirms that your 10 licensed medical plants are in addition to any other amount of cannabis you can grow under the Cannabis Act (your four recreational plants). In short, you‘ll definitely be authorized to expand your garden to 14 plants, but only after Oct.

Also to know is, how much is a growers license in Michigan?

Grower A licenses are capped, by statute, at $10,000. Grower B-C, Processor, Transporter, and Provisioning Center licenses will be dependent on the number of total licenses subject to assessment and could be as low as $10,000 or as high as $66,000.

How much does it cost to get a cultivation license?

The application fee for a medical marijuana dispensary license is a non-refundable $6000, and the annual license renewal fee is $10,000.

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