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How do you save a dying fern plant?

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How do you save a dying fern plant?

Trim the drooping fronds back to about 2 inches long and leave any healthy upright fronds in the center of the plant intact. If all fronds are drying and dying, trim them all to 2 inches. Clean out the dead leaves and check the soil for offsets — baby ferns — which can be separated and planted in their own pots.

Correspondingly, can you revive a dried out fern?

Watering Indoor FernsToo little water, and the fern’s fronds will also begin to droop. You‘ll need to correct the conditions that cause problems and give the plant a few weeks to revive. Feel the fern’s soil in between watering and make sure the soil is slightly dried out, but not bone-dry, before watering again.

One may also ask, should I cut the dead leaves off my fern? Remove dead or brown fronds from the base of the fern. Do this in late spring or summer. When cutting away dead leaves after new growth begins, be careful not to cut the new growth, as it may become misshapen or die.

Considering this, why is my fern plant dying?

Watering a FernFerns like moist soil, but not wet or soggy. Dry soil can cause wilting and eventual drying out, while wet soil causes yellowing and may result in root rot. When temperatures are above 75 degrees Fahrenheit you may have to water frequently to keep the soil moist to touch.

Should you mist ferns?

To help your ferns thrive in other rooms, try one of these options: add a room humidifier; mist your ferns lightly every few days (avoid daily misting); place plants away from vents and fans to prevent drying out; add well-moistened mood moss around the base of the plant to help hold moisture in the dirt.

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