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How do you make comfrey tea for plants?

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How do you make comfrey tea for plants?

Place chopped comfrey leaves at the bottom of a bucket. Weigh down with a brick, fill bucket with water, and cover for three weeks before diluting, one part ‘tea‘ to 10 parts comfrey. Slugs stay well away after smelling this brew.

People also ask, is comfrey tea good for plants?

Comfrey has the three major nutrients plus high levels of calcium, which can be very beneficial if harvested and made into comfrey tea for plants. This nutrient-rich food is applied as a liquid soil drench or as a foliar spray. The phosphorus helps the plants remain vigorous and fight off disease and pest damage.

Furthermore, what is comfrey tea fertilizer? Comfrey manuretea time arrives with the first flowering of tomatoes and peppers. Comfrey tea is made simply by soaking the leaves of the herb comfrey in water for about 20 days. Tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and berries use nitrogen to support leaf growth and potassium to promote flowers and fruit.

Furthermore, is comfrey a good fertilizer?

Comfrey is high in just about every nutrient a plant needs, including the big three, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, and many trace elements. It becomes a good source of nitrogen. And it has more potassium than composted manure. Note: Comfrey leaves are coarse with lots of scratchy hairs that can irritate the skin.

How do you use comfrey in the garden?

When using comfrey as a green manure, add chopped comfrey to garden soil in the fall. Gently mix it into the top layers of the soil using a digging fork. By spring, it will have mostly decomposed and enriched the soil. Comfrey cuttings and compost soil are added to beds in the fall as a green manure soil amendment.

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