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How do you change camber bolts?

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How do you change camber bolts?

Park your car on your now-leveled garage surface. Bounce the suspension a couple of times to settle it. Place the alignment tool against each tire and make adjustments by turning the bolts on the camber kit. Make these adjustments slowly and in small increments, rotating from tire to tire after each small adjustment.

Besides, where do you put camber bolts?

Insert the camber bolt through the vacant holes in the clevis. Place the camber nut on the threaded end of the bolt, but do not tighten it down. Rotate the long tab on the washer towards the engine for negative camber and towards the wheel for positive.

what is a camber bolt on a car? Camber adjustment bolts are clever eccentric bolts which allow you to modify the car’s camber angle. They can be used to either add or reduce camber in a vehicle, or can also be used to return the vehicle’s wheel alignment to the proper specifications after a suspension component has been damaged or bent out of shape.

In this regard, do I need camber bolts?

No you do not need them to get to the settings recommeded by Eibach. No if you want to get aggressive with the camber, then you can use them. You should go ahead and have your car put on the alignment machine to see if you are still within stock camber specs, if so, you won’t need camber bolts.

Can camber be adjusted?

When to Adjust CamberCamber problems usually show up as handling or tire wear problems. Usually, all four wheels will feature some negative camber, and a vehicle will tend to pull to the side that has the most positive camber. Camber may need to be adjusted if your usage scenario demands better cornering performance.

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