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How do you care for Asplenium crispy waves?

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How do you care for Asplenium crispy waves?

Asplenium nidus Crispy Wave Care & Info Guide

Light: Moderate, indirect light. Avoid direct sunlight and deep shade. Water: Water thoroughly during the growing season but less so in the winter. Keep moist but do not allow to stand in water.

Similarly, you may ask, how do you take care of a crispy wave?

Water: Your crispy wave can be watered from above but make sure that there is good drainage at the bottom of the pot. The soil should be kept lightly moist (do not allow to dry completely) but do not overwater either! One to two waterings a week is the standard.

Beside above, why do Crispy wave plants turn brown? As the plant grows it will require a larger pot which in turn will require more frequent watering. If your home is on the dry side be sure to spray/mist the leaves a couple of times per week as the Crispy Wave likes a little humidity – if the air is too dry the leaves may turn brown.

Similarly, you may ask, why is my crispy wave plant dying?

Crispy wave drooping leavesWhen ferns are grown in a mass setting like at a garden center, they may grow more upright to reach the light. If you notice any fronds that are completely brown or dead, carefully trim them off at the base of the fern. This helps free up the plant’s resources for new growth.

How big do Crispy wave Ferns get?

Additional information

Location Light or shade, protect from hot afternoon direct sunlight, morning sun is beneficial.
Pot size 2.5 inch, 4 inch
Note Shape, color and size of plants may vary slightly. Decorative containers are not included with plants and are sold separately.
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