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How do I report IHOP?

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How do I report IHOP?

IHOP complaints contacts
  1. Call Customer Care on 1 (866) 444-5144.
  2. Visit Customer Care Contact Form.
  3. Call Headquarters on (866) 444-5144.
  4. Tweet IHOP.
  5. Follow IHOP.
  6. Follow IHOP.
  7. Watch IHOP.

Correspondingly, where is the IHOP headquarters located?

Glendale, California, United States

how do you pay in IHOP? Diners and some other places like IHOP, you bring the bill to the front and pay. You can do it as you leave, or before you go. If leaving cash as tip, leave it as you leave.

Also, how do I get my w2 from IHOP?

You can log onto, go to Money, then Pay then W2 and sign up for an electronic delivery of your W-2. Or you can stay old school and get a paper copy through the US mail.

How much is an IHOP franchise?

The franchise fee to open an IHOP is $40,000 per restaurant for a multi-unit agreement, $50,000 for a single restaurant agreement. The total estimated investment ranges from $92,000 to $810,000. IHOP annual company-wide revenues exceed $2 billion.

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