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How do I recertify my NCCT?

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How do I recertify my NCCT?

The fee can be paid online, by calling Customer Service, or by completing and mailing/faxing the recertification order form(s) to NCCT. The recertification fee payment for 1 certification is $77.00. The recertification fee payment for 2 or more certifications is $104.50.

Then, how long is NCCT certification good for?

five years

what is the recertification process? The recertification process validates whether the target type or membership is still required for a valid business purpose. The process sends recertification notification and approval events to the participants that you specify.

Secondly, how do I recertify my CMA?

There are two ways to recertify:

  1. By exam: Pass the CMA (AAMA) Certification Exam.
  2. By continuing education: As long as your credential has not been expired for more than ?90 days, you may recertify by continuing education.
  3. Online | Recertify online with secure online payment processing for both AAMA and non-AAMA CEUs.

What are the qualifications to join NCCT?

You are a member [active-duty, retired, veteran] of the United States Armed Forces, or a spouse thereof, and have one year of verifiable full-time experience as a Insurance & Coding practitioner within the past FIVE years. You must be a United States high school graduate or hold equivalent credentials (e.g., GED).

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