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How do I know my Dojo version?

Asked by: Nina Groll

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How do I know my Dojo version?

To find the version of Dojo used by a particular version of the JS API, on a page that includes the JS API, open your browser’s console and copy/paste the following: [dojo. version. major, dojo.

Consequently, is Dojo still used?

Dojo is still a major player in JavaScript libraries. Dojo uses the AMD module system to asynchronously load code modules either that are part of the Dojo library or things you have built and want to use. Dojo is not relevant.

Furthermore, why is dojo used? Performance: Dojo is used on high-profile, high-traffic sites every day and Dojo’s build tools are a key reason why. Dojo’s package system makes it easy to manage large-scale UI development projects and the build system layers on top to make your applications scream; all without code changes.

One may also ask, is Dojo a framework?

Overview. Dojo is a JavaScript framework targeting the many needs of large-scale client-side web development. dojo contains the core and most non-visual modules. dijit is a library of user-interface modules for widgets and layout.

What is Dijit?

Dijit is a widget system layered on top of Dojo. If you are new to the whole Dojo experience, Dijit is a good place to start. You can build amazing Web 2.0 GUI’s using very little, or no, JavaScript (though having an understanding of JavaScript will take you a long way, as will a good understanding of HTML and CSS).

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