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Did the Bryan brothers retire?

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Did the Bryan brothers retire?

Bryan brothers to retire at 2020 US Open. Mike and Bob Bryan, the most successful doubles team of all time, will retire at the 2020 US Open, the brothers announced Wednesday. “We took the last few months off to try and get our minds right and get our bodies and minds fresh and make this decision,” Mike said.

Similarly, you may ask, are the Bryan brothers still playing together?

On Wednesday, Bob and Mike Bryan announced that the 2020 season will be their final year on tour. The Bryans played their first ATP match together at the 1995 US Open, and 25 years later, the 2020 US Open will be their final tournament. They have won 118 titles together, including 16 Grand Slams.

Furthermore, are the Bryan brothers at Wimbledon? On Thursday, the twins recorded a 7-6 (3), 6-4, 6-4 victory over Ukraine’s Denys Molchanov and Slovakia’s Igor Zelenay in the first round of Wimbledon. Mike Bryan has won four Wimbledon titles and is 76-16 in doubles matches at the All-England Club. Bob Bryan has won three Wimbledon titles and is 70-16.

In this regard, how old are the Bryan brothers?

The Bryan Brothers are identical twin brothers Robert Charles “Bob” Bryan and Michael Carl “Mike” Bryan, American professional doubles tennis players, and are the most successful duo of all time. They were born on April 29, 1978, with Mike being the elder by two minutes.

How much have the Bryan brothers won?

ATP Tour. With his twin brother Mike (who is the older by two minutes), Bob has won 116 doubles titles, including sixteen Grand Slam titles. In 2005, the Bryan brothers made it to the finals of all four Grand Slam tournaments, only the second time a men’s doubles team has done this during the open era.

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