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Can I put radiant heat under wood floors?

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Can I put radiant heat under wood floors?

It is actually possible to add radiant heating under your hardwood floor. However, there are a few considerations you will have to make. Most problems that people experience with their hardwood floors are caused by moisture; improper heating methods can exacerbate these problems.

Correspondingly, can you put hardwood on heated floors?

Solid hardwood floors can be used over radiant heat systems. However, when using anything wider than 4″ consider extra acclimation and use a hardwood floor glue that is recommended by the wood floor manufacturer. Quartersawn or riftsawn are also considered better hardwood floor choices.

Also Know, what wood flooring is suitable for underfloor heating? Engineered

Thereof, what kind of flooring can you use with radiant heat?

Here are the top 4 flooring options for use over radiant heat.

  1. Tile Flooring. Porcelain and ceramic tile are great conductors of heat, so your home will get the full benefit of the radiant heating system.
  2. Laminate Flooring.
  3. Engineered Wood Flooring.
  4. Natural Stone Flooring.

How do you install engineered wood flooring over radiant heat?

There are several ways radiant heat systems can be installed:

  1. By installing the radiant heat tubing directly under the wood subfloor from below.
  2. By installing the radiant heat tubing within a plywood underlayment system, directly over the existing concrete slab or existing wood subfloor.
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