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Can a home inspector condemn a house?

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Can a home inspector condemn a house?

A house is condemned when a government entity has determined that the building is no longer fit to live in. It’s often triggered by a pattern of unsafe housing code violations. No one may live in a condemned building or use it until the owner has proven that the cited problems have been fixed.

Accordingly, who can condemn a house?

Even Perfectly Good Houses Can Be CondemnedBy law, public authorities may exercise the power of eminent domain, which allows the government to seize private land based on the location of the property, not its condition.

what are home inspectors not allowed to do? During an inspection, a home inspector is not able to move furniture or cause damage to any part of the home; home inspections are visual inspections. This means that a home inspector will not be able to tell if there is a defect behind the drywall, or under the carpet or floorboards of the subject property.

Thereof, do Home Inspectors look for permits?

There are no requirements for the home inspector or appraiser to check on permits for improvements to the home, but this does not mean someone will not ask about them.

Can the Health Department condemn a house?

Though we often work together to accomplish related goals, health department housing inspectors are not building inspectors, and the health department does not have the legal power to “condemn” a structure.

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